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13.4 Debug Mode

There are two additional support functions that allow the user to interrogate where in the execution of a script Octave entered the debug mode and to print the code in the script surrounding the point where Octave entered debug mode.

Loadable Function: dbwhere ()

Show where we are in the code

See also: dbclear, dbstatus, dbstop.

Loadable Function: dbtype ()

List script file with line numbers.

See also: dbclear, dbstatus, dbstop.

You may also use isdebugmode to determine whether the debugger is currently active.

Command: isdebugmode ()

Return true if debug mode is on, otherwise false.

See also: dbstack, dbclear, dbstop, dbstatus.

Debug mode also allows single line stepping through a function using the commands dbstep.

Command: dbstep n
Command: dbstep in
Command: dbstep out

In debugging mode, execute the next n lines of code. If n is omitted execute the next line of code. If the next line of code is itself defined in terms of an m-file remain in the existing function.

Using dbstep in will cause execution of the next line to step into any m-files defined on the next line. Using dbstep out with cause execution to continue until the current function returns.

See also: dbcont, dbquit.

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