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1. Notes on the Free Translation Project

Free software is going international! The Free Translation Project is a way to get maintainers of free software, translators, and users all together, so that free software will gradually become able to speak many languages. A few packages already provide translations for their messages.

If you found this ‘ABOUT-NLS’ file inside a distribution, you may assume that the distributed package does use GNU gettext internally, itself available at your nearest GNU archive site. But you do not need to install GNU gettext prior to configuring, installing or using this package with messages translated.

Installers will find here some useful hints. These notes also explain how users should proceed for getting the programs to use the available translations. They tell how people wanting to contribute and work on translations can contact the appropriate team.

When reporting bugs in the ‘intl/’ directory or bugs which may be related to internationalization, you should tell about the version of gettext which is used. The information can be found in the ‘intl/VERSION’ file, in internationalized packages.

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