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The main developers of MPFR are Guillaume Hanrot, Vincent Lefèvre, Patrick Pélissier, Philippe Théveny and Paul Zimmermann.

Sylvie Boldo from ENS-Lyon, France, contributed the functions mpfr_agm and mpfr_log. Emmanuel Jeandel, from ENS-Lyon too, contributed the generic hypergeometric code, as well as the internal function mpfr_exp3, a first implementation of the sine and cosine, and improved versions of mpfr_const_log2 and mpfr_const_pi. Mathieu Dutour contributed the functions mpfr_atan and mpfr_asin, and a previous version of mpfr_gamma; David Daney contributed the hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions, the base-2 exponential, and the factorial function. Fabrice Rouillier contributed the mpfr_xxx_z and mpfr_xxx_q functions, and helped to the Microsoft Windows porting. Jean-Luc Rémy contributed the mpfr_zeta code. Ludovic Meunier helped in the design of the mpfr_erf code. Damien Stehlé contributed the mpfr_get_ld_2exp function. Sylvain Chevillard contributed the mpfr_ai function.

We would like to thank Jean-Michel Muller and Joris van der Hoeven for very fruitful discussions at the beginning of that project, Torbjörn Granlund and Kevin Ryde for their help about design issues, and Nathalie Revol for her careful reading of a previous version of this documentation. In particular Kevin Ryde did a tremendous job for the portability of MPFR in 2002-2004.

The development of the MPFR library would not have been possible without the continuous support of INRIA, and of the LORIA (Nancy, France) and LIP (Lyon, France) laboratories. In particular the main authors were or are members of the PolKA, Spaces, Cacao and Caramel project-teams at LORIA and of the Arénaire project-team at LIP. This project was started during the Fiable (reliable in French) action supported by INRIA, and continued during the AOC action. The development of MPFR was also supported by a grant (202F0659 00 MPN 121) from the Conseil Régional de Lorraine in 2002, from INRIA by an "associate engineer" grant (2003-2005), an "opération de développement logiciel" grant (2007-2009), and the post-doctoral grant of Sylvain Chevillard in 2009-2010.

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