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2. Installing MPFR

The MPFR library is already installed on some GNU/Linux distributions, but the development files necessary to the compilation such as ‘mpfr.h’ are not always present. To check that MPFR is fully installed on your computer, you can check the presence of the file ‘mpfr.h’ in ‘/usr/include’, or try to compile a small program having #include <mpfr.h> (since ‘mpfr.h’ may be installed somewhere else). For instance, you can try to compile:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <mpfr.h>
int main (void)
  printf ("MPFR library: %-12s\nMPFR header:  %s (based on %d.%d.%d)\n",
          mpfr_get_version (), MPFR_VERSION_STRING, MPFR_VERSION_MAJOR,
  return 0;


cc -o version version.c -lmpfr -lgmp

and if you get errors whose first line looks like

version.c:2:19: error: mpfr.h: No such file or directory

then MPFR is probably not installed. Running this program will give you the MPFR version.

If MPFR is not installed on your computer, or if you want to install a different version, please follow the steps below.

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