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8.2 UDAV dialogs

There are a set of dialogs, which allow change/add a command, setup global plot properties, or setup UDAV itself.

New command dialog

One of most interesting dialog (hotkey <Meta-C> or <Win-C>) is dialog which help to enter new command or change arguments of existed one. It allows consequently select the category of command, command name in category and appropriate set of command arguments. At this right side show detailed command description. Required argument(s) are denoted by bold text. Strings are placed in apostrophes, like 'txt'. Buttons below table allow to call dialogs for changing style of command (if argument 'fmt' is present in the list of command arguments); to set variable or expression for argument(s); to add options for command.

Style dialog - pen style Style dialog - color scheme Style dialog - text style

Dialog for changing style can be called independently, but usually is called from New command dialog or by double click on primitive. It contain 3 tabs: one for pen style, one for color scheme, one for text style. You should select appropriate one. Resulting string of style and sample picture are shown at bottom of dialog.

Variable dialog

Dialog for entering variable allow to select variable or expression which can be used as argument of a command. Here you can select the variable name; range of indexes in each directions; operation which will be applied (like, summation, finding minimal/maximal values and so on).

Variable dialog

Dialog for command options allow to change Command options.

Dialog for general properties Dialog for light properties

There is dialog for setting general plot properties, including tab for setting lighting properties. It can be called by called by hotkey <???> and put setup commands at the beginning of MGL script.

Dialog for script parameters

Also you can set or change script parameters (‘$0’ ... ‘$9’, see MGL definition).

Dialog for UDAV settings

Finally, there is dialog for UDAV settings. It allow to change most of things in UDAV appearance and working, including colors of keywords and numbers, default font and image size, and so on (see figure above).

There are also a set of dialogs for data handling, but they are too simple and clear. So, I will not put them here.

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