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Index Entry Section

AddLegend3.8 Legend
addlegend8.8 Legend (MGL)
AddLegend9.6.1 Legend sample
AddLight3.1.2 Lighting
addto8.22 Operators (MGL)
adjust8.2 Axis settings (MGL)
AdjustTicks3.2.3 Ticks
Alpha3.1.1 Transparency
alpha8.1.1 Transparency (MGL)
Alpha9.2.2 Transparent surface sample
alpha8.24 Command options (MGL)
Alpha9.5.2 2D plot sample
Alpha9.5.3 3D plot sample
alphadef8.1.1 Transparency (MGL)
alphadef8.24 Command options (MGL)
ambient8.1.2 Lighting (MGL)
Ambient3.1.2 Lighting
ambient8.24 Command options (MGL)
area8.9 1D plotting (MGL)
Area3.9.4 Area
Area9.1.4 Area sample
Area9.1.5 Area with gradient filling sample
Arrows1.4.2 Line styles
arrowsize8.1.4 Default sizes (MGL)
Aspect3.3 Transformation matrix
aspect8.3 Transformation matrix (MGL)
AutoOrg3.2.1 Ranges (bounding box)
Axial3.10.11 Axial
axial8.10 2D plotting (MGL)
Axial9.2.14 Axial sample
Axial9.6.2 Adding mesh sample
axialdir8.1.7 Other settings (MGL)
axis8.2 Axis settings (MGL)
Axis3.2.1 Ranges (bounding box)
Axis3.7 Axis and Colorbar
axis8.7 Axis and Colorbar (MGL)
Axis9.1.23 Pie chart sample
Axis9.1.24 Ring chart sample
Axis9.3.4 Dens3 sample
Axis9.7.1 Curvelinear coorinates sample
Axis9.7.2 2-axes sample
Axis9.7.3 Semi-log sample
Axis9.7.4 Log-log sample

ball8.5 Primitives drawing
Ball3.5 Primitives drawing
barh8.9 1D plotting (MGL)
Barh3.9.8 Barh
Barh9.1.10 Barh sample
bars8.9 1D plotting (MGL)
Bars3.9.7 Bars
Bars9.1.6 Bars sample
Bars9.1.7 Bars 2 colors sample
Bars9.1.8 Bars above sample
Bars9.1.9 Bars fall sample
Bars9.5.1 1D plot sample
barwidth8.1.4 Default sizes (MGL)
Beam3.11.7 Beam
beam8.11 3D plotting (MGL)
Belt3.10.3 Belt
belt8.10 2D plotting (MGL)
Belt9.2.7 Belt sample
Box3.7 Axis and Colorbar
box8.7 Axis and Colorbar (MGL)
BoxPlot3.9.16 BoxPlot
boxplot8.9 1D plotting (MGL)
BoxPlot9.1.16 BoxPlot sample
boxs8.10 2D plotting (MGL)
Boxs3.10.5 Boxs
Boxs9.2.9 Boxs sample

call8.23 Program flow (MGL)
caxis8.2 Axis settings (MGL)
CAxis3.2.1 Ranges (bounding box)
chart8.9 1D plotting (MGL)
Chart3.9.9 Chart
Chart9.1.22 Chart sample
Chart9.1.23 Pie chart sample
Chart9.1.24 Ring chart sample
chdir8.23 Program flow (MGL)
ClearLegend3.8 Legend
clearlegend8.8 Legend (MGL)
clf8.5 Primitives drawing
Clf3.5 Primitives drawing
cloud8.11 3D plotting (MGL)
Cloud9.3.2 Cloud sample
CloudP3.11.6 Cloud
CloudP9.3.3 CloudP sample
CloudQ3.11.6 Cloud
Cmax3.2.1 Ranges (bounding box)
Cmin3.2.1 Ranges (bounding box)
Color scheme1.4.3 Color scheme
colorbar8.7 Axis and Colorbar (MGL)
Colorbar3.7 Axis and Colorbar
Colorbar9.2.10 Dens sample
Colorbar9.5.10 Color schemes sample
Column6.6 Make another data
ColumnPlot3.3 Transformation matrix
columnplot8.3 Transformation matrix (MGL)
ColumnPlot9.7.13 ColumnPlot sample
combine8.20 Make another data (MGL)
Combine6.6 Make another data
Cone3.5 Primitives drawing
cone8.5 Primitives drawing
Cont3.10.8 Cont
cont8.10 2D plotting (MGL)
Cont9.2.11 Cont sample
Cont9.6.2 Adding mesh sample
Cont9.6.3 Surf & Cont sample
Cont9.6.7 Cont with labels sample
Cont33.11.3 Cont3
cont38.11 3D plotting (MGL)
Cont39.3.5 Cont3 sample
ContA3.11.3 Cont3
conta8.11 3D plotting (MGL)
contd8.10 2D plotting (MGL)
ContD3.10.10 ContD
ContD9.2.13 ContD sample
ContF3.10.9 ContF
contf8.10 2D plotting (MGL)
ContF9.2.12 ContF sample
ContF33.11.4 ContF3
contf38.11 3D plotting (MGL)
ContF39.3.6 ContF3 sample
ContF39.3.10 “Isocaps” sample
contfa8.11 3D plotting (MGL)
ContFA3.11.4 ContF3
ContFX3.14.3 ContFXYZ
contfx8.14 Other plotting (MGL)
contfy8.14 Other plotting (MGL)
ContFY3.14.3 ContFXYZ
contfz8.14 Other plotting (MGL)
ContFZ3.14.3 ContFXYZ
ContX3.14.2 ContXYZ
contx8.14 Other plotting (MGL)
ContX9.3.7 Cont projection sample
ContY3.14.2 ContXYZ
conty8.14 Other plotting (MGL)
ContY9.3.7 Cont projection sample
contz8.14 Other plotting (MGL)
ContZ3.14.2 ContXYZ
ContZ9.3.7 Cont projection sample
copy8.16 Data create (MGL)
CopyFont3.1.7 Font settings
cosfft8.21 Change data (MGL)
CosFFT6.7 Change data
crange8.2 Axis settings (MGL)
crange8.24 Command options (MGL)
Crop6.4 Rearrange
crop8.18 Rearrange data (MGL)
crust8.14 Other plotting (MGL)
Crust3.14.5 Crust
Crust9.4.19 Crust sample
ctick8.2 Axis settings (MGL)
cumsum8.21 Change data (MGL)
CumSum6.7 Change data
Curve3.5 Primitives drawing
curve8.5 Primitives drawing
cut8.1.6 Cutting (MGL)
cut8.24 Command options (MGL)
CutMax9.3.9 CutMinMax sample
CutMax9.3.10 “Isocaps” sample
CutMin9.3.9 CutMinMax sample
CutMin9.3.10 “Isocaps” sample
CutOff3.1.6 Cutting
CutOff9.3.11 CutOff sample

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