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In most cases, file name conversion is not needed or attempted. However, when libtool detects that a specific combination of build and host platform does require file name conversion, it is possible that the conversion may fail. In these cases, you may see a warning such as the following:

Could not determine the host file name corresponding to
  `... a file name ...'
Continuing, but uninstalled executables may not work.


Could not determine the host path corresponding to
  `... a path ...'
Continuing, but uninstalled executables may not work.

This should not cause the build to fail. At worst, it means that the wrapper executable will specify file names or paths appropriate for the build platform. Since those are not appropriate for the host platform, the uninstalled executables would not operate correctly, even when the wrapper executable is launched via the appropriate emulation or API-enhancement (e.g. Wine). Simply install the executables on the host platform, and execute them there.

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