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11.5.1 Error handling within user module loaders

Function: int lt_dladderror (const char *diagnostic)

This function allows you to integrate your own error messages into lt_dlerror. Pass in a suitable diagnostic message for return by lt_dlerror, and an error identifier for use with lt_dlseterror is returned.

If the allocation of an identifier fails, this function returns -1.

int myerror = lt_dladderror ("Doh!");
if (myerror < 0)
  perror (lt_dlerror ());
Function: int lt_dlseterror (int errorcode)

When writing your own module loaders, you should use this function to raise errors so that they are propagated through the lt_dlerror interface. All of the standard errors used by libltdl are declared in ‘ltdl.h’, or you can add more of your own with lt_dladderror. This function returns 0 on success.

if (lt_dlseterror (LTDL_ERROR_NO_MEMORY) != 0)
  perror (lt_dlerror ());

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