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libidn2: Introduction

 1 Introduction
 Libidn2 is a free software implementation of IDNA2008, Punycode and TR46
 in the form a library.  It contains functionality to convert
 internationalized domain names to and from ASCII Compatible Encoding
 (ACE), following the IDNA2008 and TR46 standards.  It is available at
    The library is a rewrite of the popular but legacy libidn library,
 and is backwards (API) compatible with it.  See ⇒Converting from
 libidn for more information.
    For technical reference on IDNA protocols, see
    • RFC 5890 (<>),
    • RFC 5891 (<>),
    • RFC 5892 (<>),
    • RFC 5893 (<>),
    • TR46 (<>).
    Libidn2 uses GNU libunistring
 (<>) for Unicode processing
 and optionally GNU libiconv (<>)
 for character set conversion.
    The library is dual-licensed under LGPLv3 or GPLv2, see the file
 COPYING for detailed information.
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