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7 TLD Functions

Organizations that manage some Top Level Domains (TLDs) have published tables with characters they accept within the domain. The reason may be to reduce complexity that come from using the full Unicode range, and to protect themselves from future (backwards incompatible) changes in the IDN or Unicode specifications. Libidn implement an infrastructure for defining and checking strings against such tables. Libidn also ship some tables from TLDs that we have managed to get permission to use them from. Because these tables are even less static than Unicode or StringPrep tables, it is likely that they will be updated from time to time (even in backwards incompatible ways). The Libidn interface provide a “version” field for each TLD table, which can be compared for equality to guarantee the same operation over time.

From a design point of view, you can regard the TLD tables for IDN as the “localization” step that come after the “internationalization” step provided by the IETF standards.

The TLD functionality rely on up-to-date tables. The latest version of Libidn aim to provide these, but tables with unclear copying conditions, or generally experimental tables, are not included. Some such tables can be found at

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