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12 Customizing Key Bindings and Variables

GNU Info provides a way to define arbitrary key-to-command bindings and variable settings, overriding the defaults described in this document. (The ‘--vi-keys’ option rebinds many keys at once; see --vi-keys.)

On startup, GNU Info looks for a configuration file in the invoker’s HOME directory called ‘.info’. (Due to the limitations of DOS filesystems, the MS-DOS version of Info looks for a file ‘_info’ instead. If the HOME variable is not defined, Info additionally looks in the current directory.) If it is present, and appears to contain Info configuration data, and was created with the current version of the infokey command, then Info adopts the key bindings and variable settings contained therein.

The ‘.info’ file contains compact, non-textual data for reasons of efficiency and because its design was lifted wholesale from the GNU Less program, which also does it that way. It must be created by compiling a textual source file using the infokey command.

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