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1 Stand-alone Info

The Info program described here is a stand-alone program, part of the Texinfo distribution, which is used to view Info files on an ASCII terminal. Info files are typically the result of processing Texinfo files with the program makeinfo (also in the Texinfo distribution).

Texinfo itself (see Top in Texinfo) is a documentation system that uses a single source file to produce both on-line information and printed output. You can typeset and print the files that you read in Info.

GNU Emacs also provides an Info reader (just type M-x info in Emacs). Emacs Info and stand-alone Info have nearly identical user interfaces, although customization and other details are different (this manual explains the stand-alone Info reader). The Emacs Info reader supports the X Window System and other such bitmapped interfaces, not just plain ASCII, so if you want a prettier display for Info files, you should try it. You can use Emacs Info without using Emacs for anything else. (Type C-x C-c to exit; this also works in the stand-alone Info reader.)

Please report bugs in this stand-alone Info program to Bugs in the Emacs Info reader should be sent to

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