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When Guile starts interactively, it notifies the user that help can be had by typing ‘,help’. Indeed, help is a command, and a particularly useful one, as it allows the user to discover the rest of the commands.

REPL Command: help [all | group | [-c] command]

Show help.

With one argument, tries to look up the argument as a group name, giving help on that group if successful. Otherwise tries to look up the argument as a command, giving help on the command.

If there is a command whose name is also a group name, use the ‘-c command’ form to give help on the command instead of the group.

Without any argument, a list of help commands and command groups are displayed.

REPL Command: show [topic]

Gives information about Guile.

With one argument, tries to show a particular piece of information; currently supported topics are ‘warranty’ (or ‘w’), ‘copying’ (or ‘c’), and ‘version’ (or ‘v’).

Without any argument, a list of topics is displayed.

REPL Command: apropos regexp

Find bindings/modules/packages.

REPL Command: describe obj

Show description/documentation.

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