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7.8.2 Readline Options

The readline interface module can be tweaked in a few ways to better suit the user’s needs. Configuration is done via the readline module’s options interface, in a similar way to the evaluator and debugging options (see section Runtime Options).

Scheme Procedure: readline-options
Scheme Procedure: readline-enable option-name
Scheme Procedure: readline-disable option-name
Scheme Syntax: readline-set! option-name value

Accessors for the readline options. Note that unlike the enable/disable procedures, readline-set! is syntax, which expects an unquoted option name.

Here is the list of readline options generated by typing (readline-options 'help) in Guile. You can also see the default values.

history-file    yes     Use history file.
history-length  200     History length.
bounce-parens   500     Time (ms) to show matching opening parenthesis
                        (0 = off).

The readline options interface can only be used after loading the readline module, because it is defined in that module.

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