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The (rnrs sorting (6)) library provides procedures for sorting lists and vectors.

Scheme Procedure: list-sort proc list
Scheme Procedure: vector-sort proc vector

These procedures return their input sorted in ascending order, without modifying the original data. proc must be a procedure that takes two elements from the input list or vector as arguments, and returns a true value if the first is “less” than the second, #f otherwise. list-sort returns a list; vector-sort returns a vector.

Both list-sort and vector-sort are implemented in terms of the stable-sort procedure from Guile’s core library. See section Sorting, for a discussion of the behavior of that procedure.

Scheme Procedure: vector-sort! proc vector

Performs a destructive, “in-place” sort of vector, using proc as described above to determine an ascending ordering of elements. vector-sort! returns an unspecified value.

This procedure is implemented in terms of the sort! procedure from Guile’s core library. See section Sorting, for more information.

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