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Guile defines some useful extensions to SRFI-4, which are not available in the default Guile environment. They may be imported by loading the extensions module:

(use-modules (srfi srfi-4 gnu))
Scheme Procedure: any->u8vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->s8vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->u16vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->s16vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->u32vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->s32vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->u64vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->s64vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->f32vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->f64vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->c32vector obj
Scheme Procedure: any->c64vector obj
C Function: scm_any_to_u8vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_s8vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_u16vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_s16vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_u32vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_s32vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_u64vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_s64vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_f32vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_f64vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_c32vector (obj)
C Function: scm_any_to_c64vector (obj)

Return a (maybe newly allocated) uniform numeric vector of the indicated type, initialized with the elements of obj, which must be a list, a vector, or a uniform vector. When obj is already a suitable uniform numeric vector, it is returned unchanged.

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