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Here we define the types that are used below, when defining headers.

HTTP Header Type: Date

A SRFI-19 date.

HTTP Header Type: KVList

A list whose elements are keys or key-value pairs. Keys are parsed to symbols. Values are strings by default. Non-string values are the exception, and are mentioned explicitly below, as appropriate.

HTTP Header Type: SList

A list of strings.

HTTP Header Type: Quality

An exact integer between 0 and 1000. Qualities are used to express preference, given multiple options. An option with a quality of 870, for example, is preferred over an option with quality 500.

(Qualities are written out over the wire as numbers between 0.0 and 1.0, but since the standard only allows three digits after the decimal, it’s equivalent to integers between 0 and 1000, so that’s what Guile uses.)

HTTP Header Type: QList

A quality list: a list of pairs, the car of which is a quality, and the cdr a string. Used to express a list of options, along with their qualities.

HTTP Header Type: ETag

An entity tag, represented as a pair. The car of the pair is an opaque string, and the cdr is #t if the entity tag is a “strong” entity tag, and #f otherwise.

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