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Scheme Procedure: stack? obj
C Function: scm_stack_p (obj)

Return #t if obj is a calling stack.

Scheme Procedure: stack-id stack
C Function: scm_stack_id (stack)

Return the identifier given to stack by start-stack.

Scheme Procedure: stack-length stack
C Function: scm_stack_length (stack)

Return the length of stack.

Scheme Procedure: stack-ref stack index
C Function: scm_stack_ref (stack, index)

Return the index’th frame from stack.

Scheme Procedure: display-backtrace stack port [first [depth [highlights]]]
C Function: scm_display_backtrace_with_highlights (stack, port, first, depth, highlights)
C Function: scm_display_backtrace (stack, port, first, depth)

Display a backtrace to the output port port. stack is the stack to take the backtrace from, first specifies where in the stack to start and depth how many frames to display. first and depth can be #f, which means that default values will be used. If highlights is given it should be a list; the elements of this list will be highlighted wherever they appear in the backtrace.

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