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When processing strings, it is often convenient to first convert them into a list representation by using the procedure string->list, work with the resulting list, and then convert it back into a string. These procedures are useful for similar tasks.

Scheme Procedure: string->list str [start [end]]
C Function: scm_substring_to_list (str, start, end)
C Function: scm_string_to_list (str)

Convert the string str into a list of characters.

Scheme Procedure: string-split str char_pred
C Function: scm_string_split (str, char_pred)

Split the string str into a list of substrings delimited by appearances of characters that

  • equal char_pred, if it is a character,
  • satisfy the predicate char_pred, if it is a procedure,
  • are in the set char_pred, if it is a character set.

Note that an empty substring between separator characters will result in an empty string in the result list.

(string-split "root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash" #\:)
("root" "x" "0" "0" "root" "/root" "/bin/bash")

(string-split "::" #\:)
("" "" "")

(string-split "" #\:)

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