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Use these procedures for testing whether an object is a character set, or whether several character sets are equal or subsets of each other. char-set-hash can be used for calculating a hash value, maybe for usage in fast lookup procedures.

Scheme Procedure: char-set? obj
C Function: scm_char_set_p (obj)

Return #t if obj is a character set, #f otherwise.

Scheme Procedure: char-set= char_set …
C Function: scm_char_set_eq (char_sets)

Return #t if all given character sets are equal.

Scheme Procedure: char-set<= char_set …
C Function: scm_char_set_leq (char_sets)

Return #t if every character set char_seti is a subset of character set char_seti+1.

Scheme Procedure: char-set-hash cs [bound]
C Function: scm_char_set_hash (cs, bound)

Compute a hash value for the character set cs. If bound is given and non-zero, it restricts the returned value to the range 0 … bound - 1.

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