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R5RS Index: M – Z

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magnitude Complex Number Operations
make-polar Complex Number Operations
make-rectangular Complex Number Operations
make-string String Constructors
make-vector Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
map List Mapping
max Arithmetic Functions
member List Searching
memq List Searching
memv List Searching
min Arithmetic Functions
mod rnrs base
mod0 rnrs base
modulo Operations on Integer Values

negative? Comparison Predicates
newline 6.14.3 Writing
not 6.6.1 Booleans
null? List Predicates
number->string Converting Numbers To and From Strings
number? Scheme’s Numerical “Tower”

odd? Operations on Integer Values
open-input-file File Ports
open-output-file File Ports
output-port? 6.14.1 Ports

pair? 6.7.1 Pairs
peek-char 6.14.2 Reading
positive? Comparison Predicates
print 6.17.3 Writing Scheme Values
procedure? 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information

quotient Operations on Integer Values

rational? Real and Rational Numbers
read 6.17.2 Reading Scheme Code
read-char 6.14.2 Reading
real-part Complex Number Operations
real? Real and Rational Numbers
remainder Operations on Integer Values
reverse Append and Reverse
round Arithmetic Functions
round-quotient Arithmetic Functions
round-remainder Arithmetic Functions
round/ Arithmetic Functions

set-car! 6.7.1 Pairs
set-cdr! 6.7.1 Pairs
sin Scientific Functions
sqrt Scientific Functions
string String Constructors
string->list List/String conversion
string->number Converting Numbers To and From Strings
string->symbol Operations Related to Symbols
string-append Reversing and Appending Strings
string-ci<? String Comparison
string-ci=? String Comparison
string-ci>=? String Comparison
string-ci>? String Comparison
string-copy String Selection
string-fill! String Modification
string-length String Selection
string-ref String Selection
string-set! String Modification
string<=? String Comparison
string<=? String Comparison
string<? String Comparison
string=? String Comparison
string>=? String Comparison
string>? String Comparison
string? String Predicates
substring String Selection
symbol Operations Related to Symbols
symbol->string Operations Related to Symbols
symbol-append Operations Related to Symbols
symbol? Operations Related to Symbols

tan Scientific Functions
truncate Arithmetic Functions
truncate-quotient Arithmetic Functions
truncate-remainder Arithmetic Functions
truncate/ Arithmetic Functions

values 6.13.7 Returning and Accepting Multiple Values
vector Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
vector->list Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
vector-fill! Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
vector-length Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
vector-ref Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
vector-set! Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
vector? Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation

with-input-from-file File Ports
with-output-to-file File Ports
write 6.17.3 Writing Scheme Values
write-char 6.14.3 Writing

zero? Comparison Predicates

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