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3. Using Guile to program in Scheme

In this section I give a tutorial introduction to programming in Scheme, with a slant toward the interesting things that can be done in Guile.

This section will try to touch on many of the interesting and cool aspects of Guile, showing you how new types of problems can be solved with Guile. Note that using Guile as a library with libguile.a is described in its own chapter (see section Guile in a Library). Also note that some small examples are given in Jump Start.

To get started you need to know how to program in Scheme (a dialect of LISP). Fortunately Scheme is a small, clean language and is not hard to learn. It is also used in many undergraduate courses to introduce computer programming.

I will not try to teach you Scheme here (although you might end up learning by example), since there are many good books on the subject, listed in Where to find more Guile/Scheme resources. (1)

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