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4.2 Options that affect Interpretation of the Input File

These options are also available as declarations in the input file (see section Gperf Declarations).

-e keyword-delimiter-list

Allows you to provide a string containing delimiters used to separate keywords from their attributes. The default is ",". This option is essential if you want to use keywords that have embedded commas or newlines. One useful trick is to use -e'TAB', where TAB is the literal tab character.


Allows you to include a struct type declaration for generated code. Any text before a pair of consecutive ‘%%’ is considered part of the type declaration. Keywords and additional fields may follow this, one group of fields per line. A set of examples for generating perfect hash tables and functions for Ada, C, C++, Pascal, Modula 2, Modula 3 and JavaScript reserved words are distributed with this release.


Consider upper and lower case ASCII characters as equivalent. The string comparison will use a case insignificant character comparison. Note that locale dependent case mappings are ignored. This option is therefore not suitable if a properly internationalized or locale aware case mapping should be used. (For example, in a Turkish locale, the upper case equivalent of the lowercase ASCII letter ‘i’ is the non-ASCII character ‘capital i with dot above’.) For this case, it is better to apply an uppercase or lowercase conversion on the string before passing it to the gperf generated function.

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