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Concept Index: H – S

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Index Entry  Section

hacking A.4 Contributing
handshake protocol 3.5 The TLS handshake protocol
hardware security modules 6.7 Smart cards and HSMs
hardware tokens 6.7 Smart cards and HSMs
hash functions 7.11.2 Hash and HMAC functions
HMAC functions 7.11.2 Hash and HMAC functions

installation 2.1 Downloading and installing
internal architecture 10 Internal Architecture of GnuTLS

Key pinning 4.1.5 Verifying a certificate using trust on first use authentication
key sizes 7.12 Selecting cryptographic key sizes
keying material exporters 7.10.3 Keying material exporters

maximum fragment length 3.6.1 Maximum fragment length negotiation

OCSP 6.3 OCSP certificate status checking
OCSP Functions D.4 OCSP API
ocsptool 6.6 Invoking ocsptool
ocsptool usage ocsptool usage (-h)
ocsptool-ask ask option
ocsptool-debug debug option (-d)
ocsptool-generate-request generate-request option (-q)
ocsptool-inder inder option
ocsptool-infile infile option
ocsptool-load-cert load-cert option
ocsptool-load-issuer load-issuer option
ocsptool-load-request load-request option (-Q)
ocsptool-load-response load-response option (-S)
ocsptool-load-signer load-signer option
ocsptool-load-trust load-trust option
ocsptool-nonce nonce option
ocsptool-outfile outfile option
ocsptool-request-info request-info option (-i)
ocsptool-response-info response-info option (-j)
ocsptool-verbose verbose option (-V)
ocsptool-verify-response verify-response option (-e)
Online Certificate Status Protocol 6.3 OCSP certificate status checking
OpenPGP certificates 4.2 OpenPGP certificates
OpenPGP server 8.2.2 Echo server with OpenPGP authentication
OpenSSL 7.10.6 Compatibility with the OpenSSL library

p11tool 6.7.5 Invoking p11tool
p11tool usage p11tool usage (-h)
p11tool-bits bits option
p11tool-debug debug option (-d)
p11tool-delete delete option
p11tool-detailed-url detailed-url option
p11tool-export export option
p11tool-generate-dsa generate-dsa option
p11tool-generate-ecc generate-ecc option
p11tool-generate-rsa generate-rsa option
p11tool-inder inder option
p11tool-initialize initialize option
p11tool-inraw inraw option
p11tool-label label option
p11tool-list-all list-all option
p11tool-list-all-certs list-all-certs option
p11tool-list-all-privkeys list-all-privkeys option
p11tool-list-all-trusted list-all-trusted option
p11tool-list-certs list-certs option
p11tool-list-mechanisms list-mechanisms option
p11tool-list-tokens list-tokens option
p11tool-load-certificate load-certificate option
p11tool-load-privkey load-privkey option
p11tool-load-pubkey load-pubkey option
p11tool-login login option
p11tool-outfile outfile option
p11tool-pkcs8 pkcs8 option (-8)
p11tool-private private option
p11tool-provider provider option
p11tool-sec-param sec-param option
p11tool-secret-key secret-key option
p11tool-trusted trusted option
p11tool-write write option
parameter generation 7.10.2 Parameter generation
PCT 3.8 On SSL 2 and older protocols
PKCS #10 6.1 PKCS #10 certificate requests
PKCS #11 tokens 6.7 Smart cards and HSMs
PKCS #12 PKCS #12 structures
PKCS #8 PKCS #8 structures
Priority strings 7.9 Priority strings
PSK authentication 5.2.1 Authentication using PSK
psktool 5.2.2 Invoking psktool
psktool usage psktool usage (-h)
psktool-debug debug option (-d)
psktool-keysize keysize option (-s)
psktool-passwd passwd option (-p)
psktool-username username option (-u)

random numbers 7.11.3 Random number generation
record padding 3.3.4 On record padding
record protocol 3.3 The TLS record protocol
renegotiation 3.6.4 Safe renegotiation
reporting bugs A.3 Bug Reports
resuming sessions 3.5.4 Resuming sessions
resuming sessions 7.10.1 Session resumption

safe renegotiation 3.6.4 Safe renegotiation
server name indication 3.6.2 Server name indication
session resumption 3.5.4 Resuming sessions
session resumption 7.10.1 Session resumption
session tickets 3.6.3 Session tickets
Smart card example 8.1.8 Using a smart card with TLS
smart cards 6.7 Smart cards and HSMs
SRP authentication 5.1.1 Authentication using SRP
srptool 5.1.2 Invoking srptool
srptool usage srptool usage (-h)
srptool-create-conf create-conf option
srptool-debug debug option (-d)
srptool-index index option (-i)
srptool-passwd passwd option (-p)
srptool-passwd-conf passwd-conf option (-v)
srptool-salt salt option (-s)
srptool-username username option (-u)
srptool-verify verify option
SSH-style authentication 4.1.5 Verifying a certificate using trust on first use authentication
SSL 2 3.8 On SSL 2 and older protocols
symmetric cryptography 7.11.1 Symmetric cryptography
symmetric encryption algorithms 3.3.1 Encryption algorithms used in the record layer

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