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6.7.1 Initialization

To allow all the GnuTLS applications to access PKCS #11 tokens you can use a configuration per module, stored in /etc/pkcs11/modules/. These are the configuration files of p11-kit(11). For example a file that will load the OpenSC module, could be named /etc/pkcs11/modules/opensc and contain the following:

module: /usr/lib/

If you use this file, then there is no need for other initialization in GnuTLS, except for the PIN and token functions. Those allow retrieving a PIN when accessing a protected object, such as a private key, as well as probe the user to insert the token. All the initialization functions are below.

Note that due to limitations of PKCS #11 there are issues when multiple libraries are sharing a module. To avoid this problem GnuTLS uses p11-kit that provides a middleware to control access to resources over the multiple users.

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