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5.1.2 Invoking srptool

The ‘srptool’ is a very simple program that emulates the programs in the Stanford SRP libraries(8). It requires two files, one called tpasswd which holds usernames and verifiers, and tpasswd.conf which holds generators and primes.

To create tpasswd.conf which holds the generator and prime values for the SRP protocol, run:

$ srptool --create-conf /etc/tpasswd.conf

This command will create /etc/tpasswd and will add user ’test’ (you will also be prompted for a password). Verifiers are stored in a way that is compatible with libsrp.

$ srptool --passwd /etc/tpasswd \
    --passwd-conf /etc/tpasswd.conf -u test

This command will check against a password. If the password matches the one in /etc/tpasswd you will get an ok.

$ srptool --passwd /etc/tpasswd \
    --passwd-conf /etc/tpasswd.conf --verify -u test

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