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5.1 known limitations

It is not possible to use in-line data (e.g. plot ’-’ ...) inside the curly brackets of a ‘do‘ or ‘while‘ loop.

The layout and positioning of the plot key is inaccurate whenever superscripts, subscripts, or explicit fonts are used in the key text. (Fixed in 4.7)

Floating point exceptions (floating point number too large/small, divide by zero, etc.) may occasionally be generated by user defined functions. Some of the demos in particular may cause numbers to exceed the floating point range. Whether the system ignores such exceptions (in which case ‘gnuplot‘ labels the corresponding point as undefined) or aborts ‘gnuplot‘ depends on the compiler/runtime environment.

The gamma, bessel, and erf functions do not work for complex arguments.

Coordinates specified as "time" wrap at 24 hours.

The ’nohidden3d’ option that is supposed to exempt individual plots from the global property ’set hidden3d’ does not work for parametric curves.

X11 terminal: It is difficult to select UTF-8 fonts. The program does not track the true aspect ratio of the x11 terminal window. In order for commands such as "set size ratio" to work, the x11 window must itself have equal height and width. Only one color palette at a time is active for any given x11 plot window. This means that multiplots whose constituent plots use different palettes will not display correctly in x11.

Qt terminal: If the local qt environment does not support "opengl" as a rendering mode then display of polygons and surfaces can be very slow.

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