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The X11 terminal honors the following resources (shown here with their default values) or the greyscale resources. The values may be color names as listed in the X11 rgb.txt file on your system, hexadecimal RGB color specifications (see X11 documentation), or a color name followed by a comma and an ‘intensity‘ value from 0 to 1. For example, ‘blue, 0.5‘ means a half intensity blue.

 gnuplot*background:  white
 gnuplot*textColor:   black
 gnuplot*borderColor: black
 gnuplot*axisColor:   black
 gnuplot*line1Color:  red
 gnuplot*line2Color:  green
 gnuplot*line3Color:  blue
 gnuplot*line4Color:  magenta
 gnuplot*line5Color:  cyan
 gnuplot*line6Color:  sienna
 gnuplot*line7Color:  orange
 gnuplot*line8Color:  coral

The command-line syntax for these is simple only for background, which maps directly to the usual X11 toolkit option "-bg". All others can only be set on the command line by use of the generic "-xrm" resource override option


      gnuplot -background coral

to change the background color.

      gnuplot -xrm 'gnuplot*line1Color:blue'

to override the first linetype color.

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