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If the menu file ‘wgnuplot.mnu‘ is found in the same directory as ‘gnuplot‘, then the menu specified in ‘wgnuplot.mnu‘ will be loaded. Menu commands:

 [Menu]      starts a new menu with the name on the following line.
 [EndMenu]   ends the current menu.
 [--]        inserts a horizontal menu separator.
 [|]         inserts a vertical menu separator.
 [Button]    puts the next macro on a push button instead of a menu.

Macros take two lines with the macro name (menu entry) on the first line and the macro on the second line. Leading spaces are ignored. Macro commands:

 [INPUT]     Input string with prompt terminated by [EOS] or {ENTER}
 [EOS]       End Of String terminator. Generates no output.
 [OPEN]      Get name of a file to open, with the title of the dialog
             terminated by [EOS], followed by a default filename terminated
             by [EOS] or {ENTER}.
 [SAVE]      Get name of a file to save.  Parameters like [OPEN]
 [DIRECTORY] Get name of a directory, with the title of the dialog
             terminated by [EOS] or {ENTER}

Macro character substitutions:

 {ENTER}     Carriage Return '\\r'
 {TAB}       Tab '\\011'
 {ESC}       Escape '\\033'
 {^A}        '\\001'
 {^_}        '\\031'

Macros are limited to 256 characters after expansion.

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