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The ‘gnuplot graph‘ window has the following options on a pop-up menu accessed by pressing the right mouse button(*) or selecting ‘Options‘ from the system menu:

‘Copy to Clipboard‘ copies a bitmap and an enhanced Metafile picture.

‘Save as EMF...‘ allows the user to save the current graph window as enhanced metafile

‘Print...‘ prints the graphics windows using a Windows printer driver and allows selection of the printer and scaling of the output. The output produced by ‘Print‘ is not as good as that from ‘gnuplot‘’s own printer drivers. See also ‘windows printing‘.

‘Bring to Top‘ when checked brings the graph window to the top after every plot.

‘Color‘ when checked enables color linestyles. When unchecked it forces monochrome linestyles.

‘Double buffer‘ activates drawing into a memory buffer before copying the graph to the screen. This avoids flickering e.g. during animation and rotation of 3d graphs. See ‘mouse‘ and scrolling.

‘Oversampling‘ doubles the size of the virtual canvas. It is scaled down again for drawing to the screen. This gives smoother graphics but requires more memory and computing time. It requires ‘double buffer‘.

‘Antialiasing‘ selects smoothing of lines and edges. Note that this slows down drawing.

‘Background...‘ sets the window background color.

‘Choose Font...‘ selects the font used in the graphics window.

‘Line Styles...‘ allows customization of the line colors and styles.

‘Update wgnuplot.ini‘ saves the current window locations, window sizes, text window font, text window font size, graph window font, graph window font size, background color and linestyles to the initialization file ‘wgnuplot.ini‘.

(*) Note that this menu is only available by pressing the right mouse button with ‘unset mouse‘.

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