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4.1.59 vgagl

The ‘vgagl‘ driver is a fast linux console driver with full mouse and pm3d support. It looks at the environment variable SVGALIB_DEFAULT_MODE for the default mode; if not set, it uses a 256 color mode with the highest available resolution.


   set terminal vgagl \\
                background [red] [[green] [blue]] \\
                [uniform | interpolate] \\
                [dump "file"] \\

The color mode can also be given with the mode option. Both Symbolic names as G1024x768x256 and integers are allowed. The ‘background‘ option takes either one or three integers in the range [0, 255]. If only one integers is supplied, it is taken as gray value for the background. If three integers are present, the background gets the corresponding color. The (mutually exclusive) options interpolate and ‘uniform‘ control if color interpolation is done while drawing triangles (on by default).

A ‘screen dump file‘ can be specified with the ‘dump "file"‘ option. If this option is present, (i.e the dump file name is not empty) pressing the key KP_Delete will write the file. This action cannot and cannot be rebound. The file is written in raw ppm (P6) format. Note that this option is reset each time the ‘set term‘ command is issued.

To get high resolution modes, you will probably have to modify the configuration file of libvga, usually /etc/vga/libvga.conf. Using the VESA fb is a good choice, but this needs to be compiled in the kernel.

The vgagl driver uses the first *available* vga mode from the following list:

 - the driver which was supplied when setting vgagl, e.g. `set term vgagl
   G1024x768x256` would first check, if the G1024x768x256 mode is available.
 - the environment variable SVGALIB_DEFAULT_MODE
 - G1024x768x256
 - G800x600x256
 - G640x480x256
 - G320x200x256
 - G1280x1024x256
 - G1152x864x256
 - G1360x768x256
 - G1600x1200x256

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