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3.25.91 xdata

This command sets the datatype on the x axis to time/date. A similar command does the same thing for each of the other axes.


      set xdata {time}
      show xdata

The same syntax applies to ydata, zdata, x2data, y2data and cbdata.

The ‘time‘ option signals that the datatype is indeed time/date. If the option is not specified, the datatype reverts to normal.

See timefmt to tell gnuplot how to read date or time data. The time/date is converted to seconds from start of the century. There is currently only one timefmt, which implies that all the time/date columns must conform to this format. Specification of ranges should be supplied as quoted strings according to this format to avoid interpretation of the time/date as an expression.

The function ’strftime’ (type "man strftime" on unix to look it up) is used to print tic-mark labels. ‘gnuplot‘ tries to figure out a reasonable format for this unless the ‘set format x "string"‘ has supplied something that does not look like a decimal format (more than one ’%’ or neither %f nor %g).

See also ‘time/date‘ for more information.

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