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3.25.74 timestamp

The command timestamp places the time and date of the plot in the left margin.


      set timestamp {"<format>"} {top|bottom} {{no}rotate}
                    {offset <xoff>{,<yoff>}} {font "<fontspec>"}
      unset timestamp
      show timestamp

The format string allows you to choose the format used to write the date and time. Its default value is what asctime() uses: "%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y" (weekday, month name, day of the month, hours, minutes, seconds, four-digit year). With ‘top‘ or ‘bottom‘ you can place the timestamp at the top or bottom of the left margin (default: bottom). ‘rotate‘ lets you write the timestamp vertically, if your terminal supports vertical text. The constants <xoff> and <yoff> are offsets that let you adjust the position more finely. <font> is used to specify the font with which the time is to be written.

The abbreviation ‘time‘ may be used in place of timestamp.


      set timestamp "%d/%m/%y %H:%M" offset 80,-2 font "Helvetica"

See timefmt for more information about time format strings.

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