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3.25.48 offsets

Offsets provide a mechanism to put an empty boundary around the data inside an autoscaled graph. The offsets only affect the x1 and y1 axes, and only in 2D ‘plot‘ commands.


      set offsets <left>, <right>, <top>, <bottom>
      unset offsets
      show offsets

Each offset may be a constant or an expression. Each defaults to 0. By default, the left and right offsets are given in units of the first x axis, the top and bottom offsets in units of the first y axis. Alternatively, you may specify the offsets as a fraction of the total axis range by using the keyword "graph". A positive offset expands the axis range in the specified direction, e.g., a positive bottom offset makes ymin more negative. Negative offsets, while permitted, can have unexpected interactions with autoscaling and clipping. To prevent the auto-scaling from further adjusting your axis ranges, it is useful to also specify "set auto fix".


      set auto fix
      set offsets graph 0.05, 0, 2, 2
      plot sin(x)

This graph of sin(x) will have a y range [-3:3] because the function will be autoscaled to [-1:1] and the vertical offsets are each two. The x range will be [-11:10] because the default is [-10:10] and it has been expanded to the left by 0.05 of that total range.

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