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3.25.29 isosamples

The isoline density (grid) for plotting functions as surfaces may be changed by the isosamples command.


      set isosamples <iso_1> {,<iso_2>}
      show isosamples

Each function surface plot will have <iso_1> iso-u lines and <iso_2> iso-v lines. If you only specify <iso_1>, <iso_2> will be set to the same value as <iso_1>. By default, sampling is set to 10 isolines per u or v axis. A higher sampling rate will produce more accurate plots, but will take longer. These parameters have no effect on data file plotting.

An isoline is a curve parameterized by one of the surface parameters while the other surface parameter is fixed. Isolines provide a simple means to display a surface. By fixing the u parameter of surface s(u,v), the iso-u lines of the form c(v) = s(u0,v) are produced, and by fixing the v parameter, the iso-v lines of the form c(u) = s(u,v0) are produced.

When a function surface plot is being done without the removal of hidden lines, samples controls the number of points sampled along each isoline; see samples and hidden3d. The contour algorithm assumes that a function sample occurs at each isoline intersection, so change in samples as well as isosamples may be desired when changing the resolution of a function surface/contour.

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