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3.25.22 fontpath

The fontpath setting defines additional locations for font files searched when including font files. Currently only the postscript terminal supports fontpath. If a file cannot be found in the current directory, the directories in fontpath are tried. Further documentation concerning the supported file formats is included in the ‘terminal postscript‘ section of the documentation.


      set fontpath {"pathlist1" {"pathlist2"...}}
      show fontpath

Path names may be entered as single directory names, or as a list of path names separated by a platform-specific path separator, eg. colon (’:’) on Unix, semicolon (’;’) on DOS/Windows/OS/2 platforms. The fontpath, save and ‘save set‘ commands replace the platform-specific separator with a space character (’ ’) for maximum portability. If a directory name ends with an exclamation mark (’!’) also the subdirectories of this directory are searched for font files.

If the environmental variable GNUPLOT_FONTPATH is set, its contents are appended to fontpath. If it is not set, a system dependent default value is used. It is set by testing several directories for existence when using the fontpath the first time. Thus, the first call of fontpath, fontpath, fontpath, ‘plot‘, or ‘splot‘ with embedded font files takes a little more time. If you want to save this time you may set the environmental variable GNUPLOT_FONTPATH since probing is switched off, then. You can find out which is the default fontpath by using fontpath.

fontpath prints the contents of the user-defined fontpath and the system fontpath separately. However, the save and ‘save set‘ commands save only the user-specified parts of fontpath.

For terminal drivers that access fonts by filename via the gd library, the font search path is controlled by the environmental variable GDFONTPATH.

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