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3.25.19 dummy

The dummy command changes the default dummy variable names.


      set dummy {<dummy-var>} {,<dummy-var>}
      show dummy

By default, ‘gnuplot‘ assumes that the independent, or "dummy", variable for the ‘plot‘ command is "t" if in parametric or polar mode, or "x" otherwise. Similarly the independent variables for the ‘splot‘ command are "u" and "v" in parametric mode (‘splot‘ cannot be used in polar mode), or "x" and "y" otherwise.

It may be more convenient to call a dummy variable by a more physically meaningful or conventional name. For example, when plotting time functions:

      set dummy t
      plot sin(t), cos(t)

At least one dummy variable must be set on the command; dummy by itself will generate an error message.


      set dummy u,v
      set dummy ,s

The second example sets the second variable to s.

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