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3.19 raise


      raise {plot_window_nb}

The raise command raises (opposite to lower) plot window(s) associated with the interactive terminal of your gnuplot session, i.e. ‘pm‘, ‘win‘, ‘wxt‘ or ‘x11‘. It puts the plot window to front (top) in the z-order windows stack of the window manager of your desktop.

As ‘x11‘ and ‘wxt‘ support multiple plot windows, then by default they raise these windows in descending order of most recently created on top to the least recently created on bottom. If a plot number is supplied as an optional parameter, only the associated plot window will be raised if it exists.

The optional parameter is ignored for single plot-windows terminal, i.e. ‘pm‘ and ‘win‘.

If the window is not raised under X11, then perhaps the plot window is running in a different X11 session (telnet or ssh session, for example), or perhaps raising is blocked by your window manager policy setting.

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