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2.19 linespoints

The linespoints style connects adjacent points with straight line segments and then goes back to draw a small symbol at each point. The command pointsize may be used to change the default size of the points. 1 or 2 columns of basic input data are required in 2D plots; 1 or 3 columns are required if 3D plots. See ‘style lines‘. Additional input columns may be used to provide information such as variable point size or line color.

The ‘pointinterval‘ (short form ‘pi‘) property of the linetype can be used to control whether or not every point in the plot is given a symbol. For example, ’with lp pi 3’ will draw line segments through every data point, but will only place a symbol on every 3rd point. A negative value for ‘pointinterval‘ will erase the portion of line segment that passes underneath the symbol. The size of the erased portion is controlled by pointintervalbox.

linespoints may be abbreviated ‘lp‘.

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