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This terminal produces files in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), useable for printing or display with tools like Acrobat Reader


      set terminal pdf {monochrome|color|colour}
                       {fname "<font>"} {fsize <fontsize>}
                       {font "<fontname>{,<fontsize>}"}
                       {linewidth <lw>} {rounded|butt}
                       {solid|dashed} {dl <dashlength>}}
                       {size <XX>{unit},<YY>{unit}}

The default is to use a different color for each line type. Selecting ‘monochome‘ will use black for all linetypes, in which case you probably want to select ‘dashed‘ to distinguish line types. Even in in mono mode you can still use explicit colors for filled areas or linestyles.

where <font> is the name of the default font to use (default Helvetica) and <fontsize> is the font size (in points, default 12). For help on which fonts are available or how to install new ones, please see the documentation for your local installation of pdflib.

The ‘enhanced‘ option enables enhanced text processing features (subscripts, superscripts and mixed fonts). See ‘enhanced‘.

The width of all lines in the plot can be increased by the factor <n> specified in ‘linewidth‘. Similarly ‘dashlength‘ is a multiplier for the default dash spacing.

‘rounded‘ sets line caps and line joins to be rounded; ‘butt‘ is the default, butt caps and mitered joins.

The default size for PDF output is 5 inches by 3 inches. The size option changes this to whatever the user requests. By default the X and Y sizes are taken to be in inches, but other units are possible (currently only cm).

* does not work.

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