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3.24.35 logscale


      set logscale <axes> <base>
      unset logscale <axes>
      show logscale

where <axes> may be any combinations of ‘x‘, ‘x2‘, ‘y‘, ‘y2‘, ‘z‘, and ‘cb‘ in any order, and where <base> is the base of the log scaling. If <base> is not given, then 10 is assumed. If <axes> is not given, then all axes are assumed. The command logscale turns off log scaling for the specified axes.


To enable log scaling in both x and z axes:

      set logscale xz

To enable scaling log base 2 of the y axis:

      set logscale y 2

To enable z and color log axes for a pm3d plot:

      set logscale zcb

To disable z axis log scaling:

      unset logscale z

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