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3.24.33 loadpath

The loadpath setting defines additional locations for data and command files searched by the call, ‘load‘, ‘plot‘ and ‘splot‘ commands. If a file cannot be found in the current directory, the directories in loadpath are tried.


      set loadpath {"pathlist1" {"pathlist2"...}}
      show loadpath

Path names may be entered as single directory names, or as a list of path names separated by a platform-specific path separator, eg. colon (’:’) on Unix, semicolon (’;’) on DOS/Windows/OS/2/Amiga platforms. The loadpath, save and ‘save set‘ commands replace the platform-specific separator with a space character (’ ’) for maximum portability.

If the environment variable GNUPLOT_LIB is set, its contents are appended to loadpath. However, loadpath prints the contents of user defined loadpath and system loadpath separately. Also, the save and ‘save set‘ commands save only the user specified parts of loadpath, for portability reasons.

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