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3.24.20 encoding

The encoding command selects a character encoding. Syntax:

      set encoding {<value>}
      set encoding locale
      show encoding

Valid values are

   default     - tells a terminal to use its default encoding
   iso_8859_1  - the most common Western European encoding used by many
                 Unix workstations and by MS-Windows. This encoding is
                 known in the PostScript world as 'ISO-Latin1'.
   iso_8859_15 - a variant of iso_8859_1 that includes the Euro symbol
   iso_8859_2  - used in Central and Eastern Europe
   iso_8859_9  - used in Turkey (also known as Latin5)
   koi8r       - popular Unix cyrillic encoding
   koi8u       - ukrainian Unix cyrillic encoding
   cp437       - codepage for MS-DOS
   cp850       - codepage for OS/2, Western Europe
   cp852       - codepage for OS/2, Central and Eastern Europe
   cp1250      - codepage for MS Windows, Central and Eastern Europe
   cp1251      - codepage for 8-bit Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Macedonian
   cp1254      - codepage for MS Windows, Turkish (superset of Latin5)
   utf8        - variable-length (multibyte) representation of Unicode
                 entry point for each character

The command locale is different from the other options. It attempts to determine the current locale from the runtime environment. On most systems this is controlled by the environmental variables LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, or LANG. This mechanism is necessary, for example, to pass multibyte character encodings such as UTF-8 or EUC_JP to the wxt and cairopdf terminals. This command does not affect the locale-specific representation of dates or numbers. See also locale and decimalsign.

Generally you must set the encoding before setting the terminal type. Note that encoding is not supported by all terminal drivers and that the device must be able to produce the desired non-standard characters.

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