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When in parametric mode (‘set parametric‘), the xrange is as fully scalable as the y range. In other words, in parametric mode the x axis can be automatically scaled to fit the range of the parametric function that is being plotted. Of course, the y axis can also be automatically scaled just as in the non-parametric case. If autoscaling on the x axis is not set, the current x range is used.

Data files are plotted the same in parametric and non-parametric mode. However, there is a difference in mixed function and data plots: in non-parametric mode with autoscaled x, the x range of the datafile controls the x range of the functions; in parametric mode it has no influence.

For completeness a last command ‘set autoscale t‘ is accepted. However, the effect of this "scaling" is very minor. When ‘gnuplot‘ determines that the t range would be empty, it makes a small adjustment if autoscaling is true. Otherwise, ‘gnuplot‘ gives an error. Such behavior may, in fact, not be very useful and the command ‘set autoscale t‘ is certainly questionable.

‘splot‘ extends the above ideas as you would expect. If autoscaling is set, then x, y, and z ranges are computed and each axis scaled to fit the resulting data.

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