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Note that mixing structured volume grids with unstructured volume grids generated with the default 3D Delaunay algorithm can result, in certain cases, to non-conform surface meshes on their shared boundary. If this happens, you may consider using the frontal algorithm for the unstructured part.


Nearly all the interactive commands have keyboard shortcuts: see Keyboard shortcuts, or select ‘Help->Keyboard and Mouse Usage’ in the menu. For example, to quickly save a mesh, you can press Ctrl+Shift+s.


If you compile Gmsh without the GUI (see section Compiling the source code), this is the only mode you have access to.


For compatibility with GetDP (, parentheses can be replaced by brackets [] in Str and Sprintf.


The affectation operators are introduced in General commands.


For compatibility with GetDP (, parentheses can be replaced by brackets [].


For compatibility purposes, the behavior of newl, news, newv and newreg can be modified with the Geometry.OldNewReg option (see section Geometry options list).


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This behaviour was introduced in Gmsh 2.0. In older versions, both the elementary and the physical region numbers would be set to the identification number of the elementary region.

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