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E.6 Solver module

  1. How do I integrate my own solver with Gmsh?

    Gmsh uses the ONELAB interface ( to interact with external solvers. Have a look at the GetDP finite element solver ( to see how this is done.

  2. Can I launch Gmsh from my solver (instead of launching my solver from Gmsh) in order to monitor a solution?

    Sure. The simplest (but rather crude) approach if to re-launch Gmsh everytime you want to visualize something (a simple C program showing how to do this is given in ‘utils/misc/callgmsh.c’). A better approach is to modify your program so that it can communicate with Gmsh over a socket (see “How do I integrate my own solver with Gmsh?” above; you can skip the option file creation). Then select ‘Always listen to incoming connection requests’ in the solver option panel (or run gmsh with the -listen command line option) and Gmsh will always listen for your program on the Solver.SocketName socket.

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