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E.2 Installation problems

  1. Which OSes does Gmsh run on?

    Gmsh runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and most Unix variants.

  2. Are there additional requirements to run Gmsh?

    You should have the OpenGL libraries installed on your system, and in the path of the library loader. A free replacement for OpenGL can be found at

  3. How do I compile Gmsh from the source code?

    You need cmake ( and a C++ compiler. See Compiling the source code and the ‘README.txt’ file in the top-level source directory for more information.

  4. Where does Gmsh save its configuration files?

    Gmsh will attempt to save temporary files and persistent configuration options first in the $GMSH_HOME directory, then in $APPDATA (on Windows) or $HOME (on other OSes), then in $TMP, and finally in $TEMP, in that order. If none of these variables are defined, Gmsh will try to save/load its configuration files from the current working directory.

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