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5.1.1 Points

Point ( expression ) = { expression, expression, expression <, expression > };

Creates an elementary point. The expression inside the parentheses is the point’s identification number; the three first expressions inside the braces on the right hand side give the three X, Y and Z coordinates of the point in the three-dimensional Euclidean space; the optional last expression sets the prescribed mesh element size at that point. See Specifying mesh element sizes, for more information about how this value is used in the meshing process.

Physical Point ( expression | char-expression ) = { expression-list };

Creates a physical point. The expression inside the parentheses is the physical point’s identification number (if a char-expression is given instead, a unique identification number is automatically created); the expression-list on the right hand side should contain the identification numbers of all the elementary points that need to be grouped inside the physical point.

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