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3.3 Command-line options

Geometry options:


Output model, then exit

-tol float

Set geometrical tolerance


Match geometries and meshes

Mesh options:

-1, -2, -3

Perform 1D, 2D or 3D mesh generation, then exit

-o file

Specify output file name

-format string

Select output mesh format (auto (default), msh, msh1, msh2, unv, vrml, ply2, stl, mesh, bdf, cgns, p3d, diff, med, ...)


Use binary format when available


Perform uniform mesh refinement, then exit

-part int

Partition after batch mesh generation

-partWeight tri|quad|tet|prism|hex int

Weight of a triangle/quad/etc. during partitioning


Save all elements (discard physical group definitions)


Save vertices with their parametric coordinates

-algo string

Select mesh algorithm (meshadapt, del2d, front2d, delquad, del3d, front3d, mmg3d)

-smooth int

Set number of mesh smoothing steps

-order int

Set mesh order (1, ..., 5)


Optimize quality of tetrahedral elements


Optimize high order meshes


High-order optimization parameters


Optimize 2D meshes using Lloyd algorithm

-clscale float

Set global mesh element size scaling factor

-clmin float

Set minimum mesh element size

-clmax float

Set maximum mesh element size

-anisoMax float

Set maximum anisotropy (only used in bamg for now)

-smoothRatio float

Set smoothing ration between mesh sizes at nodes of a same edge (only used in bamg)


Automatically compute element sizes from curvatures


Set accuracy of evaluation of LCFIELD for 1D mesh


Set the threshold angle (in degree) between two adjacent faces below which a swap is allowed

-rand float

Set random perturbation factor

-bgm file

Load background mesh from file


Perform various consistency checks on mesh

-mpass int

Do several passes on the mesh for complex backround fields


Ignore partitions boundaries

Post-processing options:

-link int

Select link mode between views (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)


Combine views having identical names into multi-time-step views

Display options:


Hide all meshes and post-processing views on startup


Disable double buffering


Set num of subdivisions for high order element display

-fontsize int

Specify the font size for the GUI

-theme string

Specify FLTK GUI theme

-display string

Specify display


Use camera mode view;


OpenGL quad-buffered stereo rendering (requires special graphic card)


Use gamepad controller if available

Other options:

-, -parse_and_exit

Parse input files, then exit


Create new model before merge next file


Merge next files


Open next files

-a, -g, -m, -s, -p

Start in automatic, geometry, mesh, solver or post-processing mode


Print process id on stdout


Always listen to incoming connection requests

-watch pattern

Pattern of files to merge as they become available

-v int

Set verbosity level


Don’t popup dialog windows in scripts

-string "string"

Parse command string at startup

-setnumber name value

Set constant number name=value

-setstring name value

Set constant string name=value

-option file

Parse option file at startup

-convert files

Convert files into latest binary formats, then exit


Show version number


Show detailed version information


Show command line usage

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