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B. Package tools

If you are creating a software package that uses the GiNaC library, setting the correct command line options for the compiler and linker can be difficult. The pkg-config utility makes this process easier. GiNaC supplies all necessary data in ‘ginac.pc’ (installed into /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig by default). To compile a simple program use (6)

g++ -o simple `pkg-config --cflags --libs ginac` simple.cpp

This command line might expand to (for example):

g++ -o simple -lginac -lcln simple.cpp

Not only is the form using pkg-config easier to type, it will work on any system, no matter how GiNaC was configured.

For packages configured using GNU automake, pkg-config also provides the PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro to automate the process of checking for libraries


This macro:

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